Introducing Amicara, your amicable guide to immediate emotional relief!

Amicara is a conversational application for mental health guiding users toward immediate emotional relief. The freshly available mobile app provides 24/7 psychological support to facilitate instant emotional relief through mindful conversation, and fosters a deeper understanding of relationship dynamics by exploring emotions and perspectives. Focusing on emotional well-being over advice, Amicara fosters empathic listening, emotional support and empowering dialogues, and encourages equal conversation to explore perspectives on interpersonal issues.

Built on the possibilities of generative artificial intelligence, Amicara has been founded by Ivana Tykac, founder of TKC Group and chairwoman of  Women for Women, a non-profit organization supporting women and families through family and divorce therapy.

“Amicara revolutionizes the approach to relational challenges aiming to minimize the impact of mental health and well-being on interpersonal relationships (particularly in a family setting where children are involved). Our ultimate goal is to develop an innovative mental healthcare app that reliably improves mental well-being, guiding individuals on their journey towards inner peace and enhanced mental strength,” says Ivana Tykač, founder of Amicara.

Working in close cooperation with Women for Women, Amicara has been tested and approved by leading Czech experts from the fields of psychology and psychotherapy, such as Cyril Höschl, member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts and former president of the Czech Medical Society, and Jan Vojtko, renown psycho- and couple therapist, to ensure the app' s coaching proficiency and adequacy of answers in mental health related topics.

Take your first step toward improved emotional well-being with Amicara today.